Introduction to Charlie’s Gaming Shenanigans

Hello stranger, and welcome to the introduction to my blogging site.

The information and notes can navigated within the drop-down menus located on the top right of the screen, labelled “GDD” and “Jam Sessions.”

Within these menus you’ll find links to:


Game Overview: The brief rundown of my game; Tale of Two.

  • Synopsis
  • Characters
  • Narrative
  • Mechanics
  • Art Direction
  • USP
  • Target audience

-Character Design: The in depth look at my “Major”

  • Character References
  • Profiles
  • Colour Schemes
  • Abilities Showcase
  • Artists Notes

-Narrative Design: The in depth look at my “Minor”

  • An in depth look at the games story and what happens.


My major and minor is meant to focus on the interests of animators and writers so they know how the game will “look” and “feel.” when working on the game.

Jam Sessions

-Character Jam: Week of Character design studies.

-3D Jam: Week of 3D design studies

-Narrative Jam: Week of Narrative design in a interactive medium.

-Game jam: Week of designing a roleplaying styled board game.

-Sculpture Jam: Week of designing sculptures that could link into our GDD


Research can be found on my USB:

-Book Analysis: the Analysis of Animal Farm and the research I was able to find from it.

-Character and Narrative Design: The conception of my game idea.